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Make Money! Buy-Renovate-Sell

Make Money! Buy-Renovate-Sell

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Helping clients buy, renovate, and sell for almost 20 years!

* Exclusively Offered by RealtorDoctor.com or Asim Khan ONLY! All property selling and buying programs have some conditions/fees /restrictions that may apply.  Doesn’t apply to all listings/clients/geographic locations/ &/or property sizes/types /styles.  One plan per client.  Combining plans are at our discretion and only on a case by case basis but in general our services and plans are stand-alone and cannot be combined.  We reserve the right to change our services and plans and any information advertised on our website or within our services or plans can change at anytime, without prior notice to anyone.  Further, there are no guarantees but we do our best to ensure that we limit risks and try to be very conservative; however, if there is any loss using our services and plans, we are not responsible or liable.  Re/Max associates and/or Re/Max Ultimate isn’t liable/responsible for these advertised programs.  This advertisement is not intended to solicit buyers and sellers currently under contract with another brokerage or realtor.  Promotional Limited Time Offer!  Statistical Info from Jan 2015 to Mar 14, 2017.  Any content or plans on this website can change at anytime without any prior notice.  Call Asim Khan Directly At 416-419-8716 To Learn More Details!